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The Devastating Take on the Twitter Rebrand by WWF

Twitter Rebrand by WWF

The Twitter Rebrand by WWF : A Sad Sign for the Future?

The Twitter rebrand has sparked a blizzard of controversy, with its name change and crowdsourced generic logo causing chaos. While many big brands have taken jabs at the new X name and logo, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has ingeniously leveraged it to convey a much more profound message.

The Devastating Take on the Twitter Rebrand by WWF
Twitter Rebrand by WWF

WWF Germany collaborated with McCann Germany to create an image showcasing the evolution of the Twitter logo over the years, with the new X logo symbolizing a tragic end. This powerful depiction not only reminds us of the crisis faced by wildlife globally but also highlights the fundamental flaws of the Twitter rebrand as X.

The graphic captures the transformation of the Twitter logo from its inception in 2006 to the current day (you can refer to our own Twitter logo history). During this evolution, the Twitter bird changed species (although the initial iteration was not part of the official logo due to rights restrictions, it did serve as an icon on the platform).

Twitter Rebrand by WWF

However, beneath the surface, this graphic carries a somber message. By using the abrupt rebrand as an example, it serves as a warning of the potential future for numerous bird species and other animals if we fail to take substantial measures to protect their habitats and combat the effects of global heating. The text on the image reads: “protect our wildlife before it’s too late” in German – or before they become X-stinct, which is a grim possibility.

Amidst the Twitter rebrand, the company’s journey has been riddled with hurdles. The prominent illuminated X at their offices had to be removed following complaints, and users have been fleeing to alternative apps like BlueSky. Furthermore, some users have even found ways to replace the X logo on their phone home screens with the Twitter bird or their custom Twitter logo.

The Twitter Rebrand: A Chaotic Process

The contentious Twitter rebrand has been anything but smooth. Let’s delve into some of the key aspects that have drawn significant attention and criticism:

  • Name Change to “X” : The decision to rebrand as “X” has been met with mixed reactions. While some argue it reflects a bold new direction for the company, others find it vague and disconnected from Twitter’s identity. The lack of a clear rationale behind the name change has left many users puzzled.
  • Crowdsourced Generic Logo :
  • The introduction of a crowdsourced generic logo has been an unconventional move for a company of Twitter’s stature. The generic nature of the logo lacks the distinctiveness and brand recognition associated with the original Twitter bird logo.
  • Backlash and Parodies: Major brands and social media users mocked the Twitter rebrand, crafting parodies and memes, escalating the controversy. This reaction raised doubts about the rebranding strategy’s wisdom.

WWF Germany’s Ingenious Message

Amidst the chaos surrounding the Twitter rebrand, WWF Germany’s response stands out as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by wildlife. By connecting the rebrand to potential species extinction, they successfully draw attention to the urgent need for wildlife conservation.

Twitter’s Struggle to Adapt

The Twitter rebrand encountered several issues. The removal of the large illuminated X from their offices shows the new logo didn’t connect with the public or employees. Users shifting to competing apps like BlueSky also signal dissatisfaction with the changes.

Users’ Creative Alternatives

In response to the divisive X logo, some users replaced it with the traditional Twitter bird or their custom versions. This highlights how important the original Twitter logo is to users.


The Twitter rebrand faced controversies and public disapproval, creating a tumultuous journey for the platform. WWF Germany’s use of the rebrand highlights its broader impact on wildlife conservation. Twitter needs to address these challenges seriously, balancing innovation with maintaining its core identity to regain public trust. Time will tell if the rebrand brings positive change or becomes a cautionary tale in branding and corporate identity.

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