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Graphic Design Trends 2024 Coming

Studio Chong for McMiller Entertainment "graphic design trends 2024"
Image credit: Studio Chong for McMiller Entertainment

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, the realm of graphic design is poised for a transformative journey, showcasing a multitude of trends that are set to redefine the visual landscape. The anticipation among designers, creative directors, and industry experts is palpable as they dissect and prognosticate the forthcoming trends that will shape the aesthetics and functionalities of Graphic Design Trends 2024.

01. Cartoons: A Playful Resurgence

Gander for Graza graphic design trends 2024 "graphic design trends 2024"
Image credit: Gander for Graza
Katalina Maievska for Stokey's "graphic design trends 2024"
Image credit: Katalina Maievska for Stokey’s

In the ever-evolving spectrum of branding and packaging, an emerging trend takes centre stage: the revival of cartoons. Adeline Chong, the creative helmsman at Studio Chong, observes an intriguing shift in brand aesthetics, noting the integration of bubbly and carefree cartoon characters across traditionally sophisticated or reserved product categories. Brands, from Graza olive oil to gluten-free bakeries, have embraced this whimsical trend, infusing their identities with a sense of fun and light-heartedness. Chong speculates that this inclination towards cartoons may be a response to the prevailing somberness of the world, providing consumers with a channel for escapism. This movement, she believes, allows brands to break away from the expected visual norms, ushering in a new era of casual yet premium product presentations.

02. AI’s Influence on Creativity

graphic design trends 2024 "graphic design trends 2024"
Image credit: Pantone
Goodside for Superorganism "graphic design trends 2024"
Image credit: Goodside for Superorganism

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within the domain of graphic design has been a prevailing force throughout recent years. John Randall, a seasoned senior graphic designer at Magpie Studio, highlights the monumental strides achieved in 2023. To illustrate, he specifically cites the remarkable campaign orchestrated by Huge for the Viva Magenta Pantone Color of the Year. In this campaign, Midjourney’s AI capabilities were harnessed to craft immersive 3D experiences and static ads. Additionally, Randall predicts that the influence of AI will burgeon further in 2024. He foresees AI permeating crucial aspects of design workflows in the coming year. Nevertheless, despite the ongoing debates surrounding AI’s role in creativity, Randall champions the necessity for designers to seamlessly adopt AI into their methodologies. He emphasizes the potential for AI to augment their creative prowess. He foresees a symbiotic relationship between designers and AI, propelling the boundaries of imaginative design solutions.

03. Handcrafted Elements and Mixed Media

Buttlecrumble for Leeds City Council "graphic design trends 2024"
Image credit: Buttlecrumble for Leeds City Council
Touch for Caskshare "graphic design trends 2024"
Image credit: Touch for Caskshare

In a notable counterpoint to the pervasive integration of AI, there’s an evident gravitation towards hand-rendered and mixed media elements within design. Abigail Baldwin, director at Buttercrumble, predicts a surge in design approaches that prioritize raw authenticity, showcasing a blend of illustration, textures, and typography. This movement, she suggests, seeks to deviate from clinical design norms, fostering an environment where designers express their visions through unconventional mediums. The anticipated rise of digital montages and handmade collages signifies a quest for narratives that exude uniqueness and engage audiences on a more visceral level.

04. Resurgence of Nostalgic Retro Aesthetics

Mike Kus for Friday Brands "graphic design trends 2024"
Image credit: Mike Kus for Friday Brands

Nostalgia, with its comforting embrace, is set to take centre stage yet again in 2024. Designer Mike Kus predicts a revival of retro aesthetics characterized by faded colour palettes, halftone images derived from vintage photography, and the experimental fusion of typography. In a world rife with surreal generative AI and socio-economic upheavals, these nostalgic design elements offer solace by evoking sentiments of familiarity and warmth. Alice Clifford, design associate at Here Design, affirms this sentiment, noting the resurgence of the 1970s/1980s ad aesthetic, marked by its distinct colours, grainy textures, and the revival of the ITC Clearface font.

05. The Concern of Creative Uniformity

The Concern of Creative Uniformity "graphic design trends 2024"
Image credit: n/a

Zooming out to view the broader canvas of the design industry, there’s a palpable concern regarding the potential homogenization of creative output. Jack Renwick, president at D&AD and creative director at Jack Renwick Studio, sounds a cautionary note, expressing apprehensions about a future where creativity might succumb to monotony. Renwick emphasizes the detrimental impact of the devaluation of arts education in state schools, which threatens to stifle the diversity of thought and perspectives crucial for original and effective work. To mitigate this looming crisis, Renwick calls for concerted efforts to ignite creativity in younger generations and educate parents about the enriching and rewarding career prospects within the creative sphere.

Graphic Design Trends 2024

The anticipation surrounding the graphic design landscape for 2024 is charged with excitement, apprehension, and a quest for innovation. As designers gear up to navigate these anticipated trends, the fusion of technology, nostalgia, authenticity, and creativity becomes the fulcrum around which the design narrative of the upcoming year revolves.

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