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Worried About The Rumoured Apple Watch Redesign

The Apple Watch, introduced in 2015, prompts questions about a redesign after nearly a decade. Despite the 2022 release of the Apple Watch Ultra with a larger titanium frame, the core model retains familiarity. Recent rumors hint at a significant design overhaul slated for next year, which seems promising. However, certain aspects of this potential redesign raise valid concerns.

Apple Watch Redesign

Apple Watch Redesign

Mark Gurman a respected source for all things Apple, has indicated that Apple might take a similar approach as it did with the iPhone X in 2017, unveiling a significantly revamped ‘Apple Watch X’ to commemorate the device’s tenth edition. This anticipated redesign comes with a twist – a novel method for attaching watch straps, which could potentially render existing bands incompatible. (For those who can’t wait, there’s a range of attractive Apple Watch deals currently available.)

According to Gurman’s insights, as reported by MacRumors

This comprehensive overhaul may materialize either in the upcoming year or perhaps by 2025. The revamped Apple Watch is expected to feature a slimmer profile with minimized bezels, in addition to a fresh strap attachment mechanism that might rely on magnetic connections Apple Watch Redesign.

While the prospect of conserving space for a sleeker form or an extended battery life is undeniably appealing, it’s important to recognize the possible concerns this might raise for early adopters of the Apple Watch, and even for those like myself who’ve more recently embraced the technology. Those who have invested in multiple Apple Watch straps may find themselves attached to the existing ecosystem, making the potential obsolescence of their straps disheartening. Spare a moment of sympathy for the Reddit user highlighted below, who likely shares this sentiment.

Of course, it’s important to acknowledge that the information at hand is purely speculative, and Apple may ultimately choose to retain the existing design. Alternatively, there’s a possibility that Apple could introduce an adapter mechanism to make older bands compatible with the new magnetic system. However, this could potentially come with a higher cost and aesthetic concerns.

Only time will unveil Apple’s true intentions. Despite ongoing rumors, the outlook for 2023 seems relatively reassuring. The anticipated Apple Watch Series 9, for instance, is rumored to bear a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the Series 8. In contrast, it appears that the iPhone 15 might embrace more noteworthy enhancements, creating a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead.

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